Volav is an Italian project situated in the Montefeltro, Marche. We use bicycle and its components to create machines and games pedal and we bring them in the city squares. The project is based on the recovery and reuse of the bicycle, for its simplicity and its timeless nature. We believe that in every object retrieved there is more of appearance. This is our plan: search for, collect, retrieve and re-think the objects of our everyday life, such as cycling and create fun sharing games and entertainment.
For years Volav runs for different cities and countries in Europe in big festivals or parties of the country, presenting his bicycle. We want to play with all those people who want to be a part of games and smiles that we propose
Five years ago, in the warehouse of a friend, I started working and experimenting with bicycles. I came from a two-year journey, in 2013 I returned to Italy and decided to rent a laboratory, to start working full-time on Volav project. When I started the project, I devoted myself mainly to the creation of machines bikes, bikes with features: the bike to charge batteries, the blender, the bicycle pump to recover water from wells etc ... The recovery of old bikes soon became the basis of all project, with which began to experience game machines, recovering different materials. The keywords of Volav are "bicycle" and "recycling" and, in my opinion, the combination of the two, creates extraordinary results. One of the reasons I like it so much is the bike for its simple and timeless nature. The recovery process is also very important, both for the manual creative awakening, both for the sustainable action that today more than ever, we need to address.    
We propose our Luna Park without electricity, we prepare and give life to squares, streets and parks with our games pedal and not only, where young and old participate becoming engine games and smiles.
Pedaling will meet the contact with the earth.
Street workshops suitable for all ages, people can have fun doing pedal and creating unexpected things.
Workshops for adults: construction of a bike special machines from the lathe, to the pump, the washing machine etc ...
Workshops for schools: equipment installed in the school with the recovery and recycling of materials.


Over the years Volav knew and met people and different realities, some of whom were born with major collaborations. projects born from the encounter, rich in experiences, imagination and common will to live squares, playing!



For more information you can contact me at (+39) 328 4717811 or write me using the contact form below.